Showcase Sunday [Coming Tomorrow]!

31 01 2009

Every Sunday Our Creative Community will post blog showcasing your creative efforts for the week. We won’t be able to post every single link but if you’d like to be connected to Showcase Sunday leave a link in your comments!

Also, during the week if you have a post that is pertinent to Showcase Sunday, we’ll do our best to include it in the content (as a link) on Sunday’s Post!!

Feel free to leave comments on ANY post as a request to be included in Showcase Sunday!

We might also in clude a Mr. Linky widget to collect links on Sunday. We’ll see how that integrates into this set-up. If we do use Mr. Linky we’ll convert all the links to “real” links on Monday Morning.


Keep the wheels spinning

31 01 2009

By: Mandy Thompson

Raising the bar of my creative abilities has left me sapped. tanked. dry.

I’ve found a couple of sites that offer tips, with a few overlaps in suggestions:

  • Take a walk.
  • Listen to music.
  • Don’t watch TV. (Gasp! But surely I can still watch Lost streaming from the net, can’t I???)

Want more?

Ten Steps for Boosting Creativity


21 Ways to Be More Creative

a little encouragement…

30 01 2009

one thing i wanted to mention here for all of us is…don’t let this become something you stress over or worry about. if you can’t meet your goal for a week or a month…that’s okay. it’s not the end of the world and no one is gonna think less of you!

that’s not what this community is about. we’re here for each other. we all want to succeed and see everyone else here succeed, no question about that. but sometimes we fall behind.

now having said that…we are gonna be on ya, tho. and i, myself, need that badly! cause truth be told…i have a propensity to fail. i do. but this time in my life, if i’m gonna fail – i’m gonna fail trying. i’m not gonna fail because i didn’t try.

so, give it your all. give it your best. and let us, as a community, support and encourage you in the highs and the lows. but don’t give up. keep on going!


STICKK to it!

29 01 2009

I’ve been at this whole 2-song-per-week thing for about a month, and I’m starting to get used to the routine… One thing that motivates me is a little account I’ve created at

This free resource/community holds me accountable. I get an email every Wednesday – or two emails,  or three emails – until I’ve logged in and reported my activity for the week: success or failure. I’ve been able to connect with other songwriters, and have seen a few of my “contacts” reach their goals.

Having an account at makes me nag myself… I know Wednesday is coming, and I need to churn out some songs to get there.

If you sign up for an account, you can also opt to leave incentives for yourself… If you fail to reach your goal, you can set an amount and type of charity that YOUR money will go towards! Or you can set any type of consequence you want. Public humiliation, pay a friend, etc. Whatever fits you and motivates you!

For those of you who are serious about setting up personal accountability, this is an effortless resource that will nag you.

If you sign up, find me: mandyt.

A Great First Day!

29 01 2009

Again, we want to personally welcome all who have committed to journey with us on this creative outlet journey.

It’s our hope that we can provide a space to inspire and challenge your creativity!

Yesterday, we had almost 200 page views! Not too shabby for the first day!

Spread the word! Make sure you add (Our Creative Communit) to your blogroll! And let us know if you’re not on ours yet!

Add this nifty badge to your side bar or “ad space” to show your involvement!

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Some creative posts to inspire you from the first few weeks of the year:

We want to feature your journey of creativity here, so be sure to come and post comments that include links to your latest posts about your commitment to crank up that creative output!

Welcome to Our Creative Community

28 01 2009

A big welcome to all of you who committed to cranking up your creative output this year.

This blog is here to connect us with each other and also to the blog community at large.

Feel free to add this blog to your blog roll and display the badge proudly on your own blog.

Roll call! Check in in the comments section!