Creativity Outside YOUR Area of Creativity

26 02 2009

So, I’m a musician. I’m a graphic designer. I make a living doing both of these things. It’s a very fun way to put food on the table, and I am so thankful that God has me where I am for this season in my life.

Technically, I guess you could call me an artist (both in music and graphic design). I draw fairly well, but have never pursued it.

Monday I found a whole new area of creativity that I’ve never scratched the surface of.


I know it’s pretty trendy and with the advent of cheaper more accesible digital equipment everyone and their brother thinks they are a photographer these days. First off, I don’t claim to be any good. Second, I’ve taken photos for one day. Third, I absolutely loved it!

Now, I’m not going to throw everything else I do to the side and pursue becoming the next big thing in photography, but let me tell you, looking through the lens gives you a whole new perspective on life. Capturing moments in time. Freezing landscapes and wildlife with the click of a button to share with the world. Pretty amazing when you think about it.

Here’s a blog post recapping my adventure in the swamp and my first real photography experience.

What are some areas that you LOVE to be creative in that are not your primary area of creativity?


Sharing Sunday

22 02 2009

Here’s a few links back to those of you who reported in (and some who didn’t!).

Progress Time!!

20 02 2009

How’s everyone doing?

Go ahead post those links NOW!

I’ll get us started.

I Love You

I’m 3 for 3 the last 3 weeks with my songwriting goal (to write a song per week).

This week I wandered away from my typical worship writing and wrote a silly love song that kind of mashes up a BeeGees sound with a bluesy country sound. Don’t ask me why, it’s just what came out.

Go ahead share your links to your blog posts about your commitments, struggles, and successes!

Creative Permission

19 02 2009

I’m learning that what lies at the deepest part of me is an incessant desire to create. And I’m learning to give myself permission to be that person – creative – creating – constantly.

I’m learning that this is who I was made to be. This is who I was knitted and crafted to be. I don’t know why, and I don’t know what I’m supposed to, but I will continue to create.

I read a fellow artist’s words on this revelation in life, and thought many of you creative types would appreciate it as well.

Beth’s thoughts can be found here.

Press on,


Pen to Paper…

19 02 2009

or, fingers to keys.

for those of you who are writers, you know how laborious writing can be. depending on the content too, it can be especially draining.

wednesdays have become my writing day. and i realized today, i need to bathe it in A LOT more prayer. i wasn’t ready spiritually, physically or mentally for this endeavor. i grew more and more frustrated. i became frazzled for lack of direction and my mind locked up.

it didn’t discourage me though, it propelled me. it caused me to want to work that much harder to get past those hurdles. you’ve heard it before…”plan your work and work your plan”. i came in unprepared wednesday. it wasn’t methodical on my part at all. of course…it will be now, now that i know what not to do 😉

so i just want to encourage all of you..don’t. give. up! if you have an unproductive effort…that’s ok! you still gave it effort. if you don’t feel like putting in any effort at all – don’t beat yourself up over it. just pop back in over here and let us, your cheerleaders, rally around you.

we all have so much to offer. there are so many dreams, gifts, talents and strengths represented here in this community. BIG things will be the result. lets stick together and push on….


Writer’s Check-In

18 02 2009

Hey all you Book and Story writers!

How’s it going? Haven’t heard much from you?

Are you churning out miles of literary goodness?

Are you stuck in a morass of lack of inspiration?

Are you putting pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, quill to parchment?

Let us know how things are going.

Creativity in Worship

16 02 2009

Let’s share some ways that we apply some of the “arts” that we’re committed to in worship.

Yesterday I was perusing some of the shared “Sunday Setlists” over at Fred McKinnon’s place and I just love seeing the diversity. This post from HL McConnell is such a diverse and beautiful combination of some very creative elements in corporate worship.

Here’s some photos from our gathering at House of Joy.

What are some creative ways that YOU apply the arts to your corporate worship gathering?