Showcase Sunday!

1 02 2009

By: Mandy Thompson

Hey Y’all!

Here are a few new creations you can check out:

  • Mark Thomas wrote a beautiful new worship song and posted HERE.
  • Russ Hutto designed a great new wallpaper (free!) for anyone who’s interested HERE.
  • Joshua White Took some great photos HERE.
  • Toby shares his fitness journey success HERE.

I know a lot of you are posting pics, thoughts, poems, songs, etc, on your blogs – if you’ve got something* up, leave a link in the comments below and we’ll check it out!

Keep Creating!

* Please blog about your experiences this week, good, bad, and ugly! We want to share in your journey struggles and successes! When you have a blog post ready make sure to link to it in the comments section!




6 responses

1 02 2009

i like showcase sunday. at least the idea of it. but the stat-ho in me feels compelled to remind you that sunday is where blog posts go to die… 😉

1 02 2009

This last week I made my commitment 3 out of 5 days. While reflecting on that and bringing it to the LORD, I realize that I need to push harder for it, certainly opposition will try to distract and pull me from it. Praying for a steadfast mind, and for God to help me be smarter than I am.

Love Russ’ wallpaper! it so rocks with focus!
Mandy- you are a ROCK your music and you!
Joshua- you are the king of the camera..dang your pics are good!
Mark love your song, and the overflow of Jesus I see in you! awesome!
Toby- i so need to hook up with you..I have been also going to the gym three times a week…I have a love-hate relationship with the gym..

1 02 2009

Come on over Darla! We can never have too much support :-).

1 02 2009

This is very cool. I posted my link on the Saturday lead up to this post a few hours ago, but I’ll put it here again, for completeness 🙂

1 02 2009

Thanks for the posts everyone!

@Josh: which is why we need YOU (and everyone else) to make it a routine to have a cup of hot tea or coffee and check in with us on Sunday afternoon…

…even if it’s for a brief visit!

Thanks everyone!

2 02 2009

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