End of The Week Approaching

5 02 2009

How is everyone doing?

Are you finding time to fulfill your commitments?

Are you making time to fulfil your commitments?

Remember that when the clock strikes midnight the day is gone. It’s something we can’t get back.

On the positive side it’s a brand new day! A FRESH NEW START!

If you weren’t able to reach your goals this week don’t be discouraged. Prioritize your time this next week and block out SEVERAL times during the week where you can spend only on your goal. It doesn’t have to be a lot, just make sure that you actually do budget that time in.

Have a great weekend!




12 responses

5 02 2009

So far so good for me… Stickk.com keeps me aware that Wednesdays are coming (that’s my check-in day)… Reporting that I completed my goal successfully feels AH-MAY-ZING!

Thanks for checking in with us!

5 02 2009
Mark Thomas

I got my song written for this week. Hopefully have it up soon.

5 02 2009

I got my first song up! I really like Stickk too.

5 02 2009

Hey, that’s so awesome that you guys are getting your songs written!

I’m really struggling with my goal. Doing the things that will lead to weight loss is just not natural to me! I wrote a bit about it here, if you’d want to use this post: http://tinyurl.com/crzx8j

Thanks for the encouragement, Russ. Both points are so important – we can’t get today back, AND tomorrow is a brand new day!

5 02 2009
Cee Lew

Yay I have finally posted by Spelt Bread recipe. This one has been a long time coming and many family members have been waiting for it. Finally it is here for your reference, enjoyment and most of all consumption. I think most of you guys are in the US and most of my links are for Aussies so if you find anything pertinent to your country about supply of spelt (or anything relevant) please leave a comment there to help other US readers. I know I have a lot of USites lurking.

Here’s my link, please let me know how you go with making and eating and of course nourishing yourself and your families.


Next week it will be something sweet – but healthy of course!! Honey is a great thing.

5 02 2009

At this point I’m glad I set a monthly goal – it gives me more time to enjoy everyone else’s creativity and not just concerned about meeting self-imposed deadlines/goals/etc. And I’m liking the ‘help’ from Stickk too 🙂

5 02 2009

Great job everyone!

5 02 2009

I actually had the requirement of writing a book added to my job evaluation a month ago! Nothing like pressure….so, I’ve set February to begin – pray for me!

6 02 2009

This Philosophy class is killin me! The other two are going pretty good to even that out, I guess :-).
Been sick all week, so the diet is going good. Amazing how that works, huh?
Great job to all of you!
Have a great weekend!!

6 02 2009
Fred F. McKinnon

I got a whole new perspective and fresh look at life this week while at re:create 2009 … I think at the top of my list here, ironically enough, for 2009 … is to “have more solitude” …. I think that out of this “solitude” will bring the discipline and clarify/focus I need to tackle many of the other goals. Oddly enough, “solitude” wasn’t really a theme or big word of this event either, it’s just that I was in a place to more easily here from God this week.

For the Kingdom,
Fred McKinnon

6 02 2009
Jeff M. Miller

Hey gang. Glad to see so many are kicking it. For me, my goals on corporate worship are going well. My “super secret personal project” is being bathed in prayer this weekend by a group of peeps around the country who’ve got my love and respect, so that’s fantastic progress.

Hey Russ, I think maybe you can add me to the “songwriters” list. I’m putting up a post today about putting for some effort in that direction.

Thanks everybody, keep it up!

6 02 2009

Wrote a new tune today: Captivated

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