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13 02 2009

How’s everyone doing?

Please post a link to your blog posts containing your struggles and success…your triumphs and your failures.

The benefit of letting others know is that you’re not alone when you’re struggling to follow through.

It’s also inspiring from a creative standpoint if you see others who are going through the exact same struggles you are. Inspiring? Yes. Honestly, there’s no motivating force as strong as failure. Why? Because who wants to keep failing.

If you have the grit to stick it out and make an effort to try and move forward and maybe even something different…you’ll eventually succeed.

Honestly, in my book, we’re all succeeding when we’re sharing everything…ups, downs, and everything in between.




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13 02 2009
Indian Lake Papa

Have had a great week and I am on schedule – Because I believe God has asked me to do this, prayer has been a big part of my writing project. I want to be sure that what I write is what HE wants. Knowing that this project is God ordained/approved makes me more passionate about finishing it.

13 02 2009
Cee Lew

I’ve had a successful and creative week this week.

Firstly I have posted a recipe for my Zucchini and Sultana Muffins here.

I was also inspired by the daughter of a friend of mine who created her own biscuit recipe. I posted about the process here. I don’t think I would have thought twice about this if it wasn’t for this community and the commitment we have all made to creating.

I am very conscious about creativity in children and encouraging it rather than allowing it to be lost amidst all that requires to be done as they enter the school arena.

So there’s my ramble!

Oh and Mandy – do be sure to let me know if you “improve my recipe” LOL.

13 02 2009

Having a productive week, except for Thursday when the internet was down at church due to wind storms!

Creative juices were flowing as the Artist Small Group got to meet at the local Art Center last night. Really cool that we got permission to begin meeting there!

I meet with the Drama Small Group Sunday night and we have a pile of drama coming up in the next few weeks! Busy, busy, creative chaos! Just as I like it!

13 02 2009

Great job everyone.

Papa, is there anything we as a community can be praying about for you?

Cee, I’ve already been eyeing those Zucchini and Sultana Muffins. I might have to throw down on those.

Lori, way to go! Having a space to meet is awesome!

If anyone cares, I wrote a new song this week as well. Your Love Never Fails


13 02 2009

ive written one of the two chapters this month. i know 2 chapters a month doesnt seem like a big deal – but it really is for me with writing something so real and personal. im just not always in that zone of thinking about my past and the abortions. so it has been a bit of a struggle.

anyway…i am so stoked with everyone here! you all are incredible inspiring and you should be very proud of yourselves!!!

14 02 2009
Indian Lake Papa

@Russ – Keep my family in prayer Russ as this new grand baby comes home from China. I could use some prayer for fresh thoughts as I work on my book. How about you? Any prayer requests?

14 02 2009

You all are pretty amazing people!! I truly hope you know and believe that.

It’s been a struggle this week and, of course, I blogged about it 🙂

14 02 2009

@Tam: I’m just excited that you are indeed writing your story!

@Papa: We are currently searching for a student coordinator and a satellite campus for 2010. Prayers would be appreciated!

@Toby: Keep it up! Overall you’re doing great!

16 02 2009

I have written 2 whole chapter too. Today I let out a saple on my blog, but I am alread scrutinizing it heavily.. so rewriting may be necessary. anyhoo.

16 02 2009

saple= sample

17 02 2009

WOW. So I am LATE as usual to answering things:-)

I am actually going through my ” faith story” right now on my blog, along with memorizing the bible verses:)
I have found that digging back into my past and not just doing it in one post is really helping me put more focus on where I’ve been, and how present God has been in my life:)

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