Writer’s Check-In

18 02 2009

Hey all you Book and Story writers!

How’s it going? Haven’t heard much from you?

Are you churning out miles of literary goodness?

Are you stuck in a morass of lack of inspiration?

Are you putting pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, quill to parchment?

Let us know how things are going.




5 responses

18 02 2009

yes! im here!

im gonna write a post here about it.

19 02 2009

Yes, I am here. Will write a post here too.. maybe not as good as ^^^

Just kidding… just tell me how ?!?!?!

19 02 2009

Heidi, probably be better if you just did one up on your blog and we’ll point everyone back there. We could even do maybe an excerpt here.

We want to try and push traffic to our community members sites.

However, if you’re wanting to do a “guest post” here that’d be awesome too. Just email the text to Mandy or me (Russ) and we’ll get it posted for you.

19 02 2009

russ, i wrote a post last night for ourcc. i know im not an admin so i dont know what you and mandy have planned for posts here. anyhoo…are there certain days i should give you and mandy my posts for ourcc?

21 02 2009
Sarah Markley

yeah…my post will go up tomorrow. so far, 6853 words. still working hard in between vacuuming, cleaning up goldfish cracker dust in my car and trips to costco.

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