Creative Permission

19 02 2009

I’m learning that what lies at the deepest part of me is an incessant desire to create. And I’m learning to give myself permission to be that person – creative – creating – constantly.

I’m learning that this is who I was made to be. This is who I was knitted and crafted to be. I don’t know why, and I don’t know what I’m supposed to, but I will continue to create.

I read a fellow artist’s words on this revelation in life, and thought many of you creative types would appreciate it as well.

Beth’s thoughts can be found here.

Press on,





5 responses

19 02 2009

wow mandy. that post you linked was incredible.

i encourage everyone to go read it! its very, very good!!!

19 02 2009

Great post here and there thanks for the link!

19 02 2009
David (@dg4G)

And if you’re looking for something a little more in depth along these lines, then Bill Johnson’s Dreaming With God is a great read.

Make sure you read Beth’s post first though – it’s great 🙂

19 02 2009
Cee Lew

Beth’s post was wonderful and I’ve subscribed to her blog. She writes beautifully. Thanks for sharing Mandy.

Dave do you own that book? Can I borrow it? Maybe we could send it around the world for the community to read?? What do you think?

Meanwhile I have written another recipe to share. Peaches are in season here in Oz so you guys might have to wait another 6 months or so.

I am also having a little giveaway on my blog. If anyone leaves me a comment on the giveaway post you may be in the running to receive.

19 02 2009
Beth Taylor

Thanks for the link love! What a great site this is! So glad to find it…I will be back for sure. 🙂

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