Pen to Paper…

19 02 2009

or, fingers to keys.

for those of you who are writers, you know how laborious writing can be. depending on the content too, it can be especially draining.

wednesdays have become my writing day. and i realized today, i need to bathe it in A LOT more prayer. i wasn’t ready spiritually, physically or mentally for this endeavor. i grew more and more frustrated. i became frazzled for lack of direction and my mind locked up.

it didn’t discourage me though, it propelled me. it caused me to want to work that much harder to get past those hurdles. you’ve heard it before…”plan your work and work your plan”. i came in unprepared wednesday. it wasn’t methodical on my part at all. of course…it will be now, now that i know what not to do πŸ˜‰

so i just want to encourage all of you..don’t. give. up! if you have an unproductive effort…that’s ok! you still gave it effort. if you don’t feel like putting in any effort at all – don’t beat yourself up over it. just pop back in over here and let us, your cheerleaders, rally around you.

we all have so much to offer. there are so many dreams, gifts, talents and strengths represented here in this community. BIG things will be the result. lets stick together and push on….





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19 02 2009
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19 02 2009

Great post, Tam.

Fridays are this for me and my songwriting. I literally “unplug” from the world for a while and write, write, write!

19 02 2009

yep. unplugging is key! it was easy to do that on the mac. i had my phone on silent and it was face down. but every time id get a message, or alert, it would illuminate the table top. turning the phone completely off will be very hard for me.

20 02 2009

I’m glad YOU chose not to be discouraged and let any of the potential ‘bring-downs’ take you away from your set goal of beginning to make a definite commitment to write more Tam.

Very few things we humans attempt works out just the way we wished the very first time we set out to do it, but i’m glad you made it through this one day and have found out SOME of the ways and things that can try to keep you from your goal… there will be others ( including the dreaded ‘writer’s block’ from time to time) but now you KNOW you are strong enough to get past them ALL! πŸ™‚

Well – if you don’t yet, I DO – so contact me if you have any problem with anything πŸ˜‰
Each day we make a little progess – yes? each day we find we become better at moving past the obstacles. ( Mostly – some days can be harder to than tohers don’t let that get to you though!)


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