Progress Time!!

20 02 2009

How’s everyone doing?

Go ahead post those links NOW!

I’ll get us started.

I Love You

I’m 3 for 3 the last 3 weeks with my songwriting goal (to write a song per week).

This week I wandered away from my typical worship writing and wrote a silly love song that kind of mashes up a BeeGees sound with a bluesy country sound. Don’t ask me why, it’s just what came out.

Go ahead share your links to your blog posts about your commitments, struggles, and successes!




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20 02 2009

heres my post describing “writing wednesday”.

im not posting what ive actually written. otherwise, my whole book would end up on my blog…in some way, shape or form. so im just gonna write a little about my writing experiences each work.

20 02 2009

I will come back after the weigh in tomorrow, but regardless of what the scale says, I will have AMAZING news to share :-).

20 02 2009
David (@dg4G)

LifeGroup Online have challenged me to write another silly song. Not that the last silly one was written by any stretch of the imagination – it took freestyling to a whole new place for me.

No sure whether I’ll do that though…I probably will, but we’ll see.

My real song for February (and part of a larger project) is both challenging and inspiring me. I have no idea how it will end up yet.

Meanwhile, I’m waiting for Mandy’s 24 hr album. That girl is amazing!

21 02 2009

The blog is down…not sure when I’ll have it back up as the host I’m moving to is in Germany. The guy who is doing all of this for me is having some issues with the translation.
I usually do a video anyway, so here ya go!

22 02 2009

My progress REPORT is in.

Thanks friends for challenging me!!

22 02 2009

Ok, I promise I’m not trying to see how many times I can comment on this post, but my blog is back up…..for now…. Results posted

22 02 2009

okay..still learning this Mac..

this is the link. thanks for all the encouragement, and accountability..the LORD has been showing me so many things..AWESOME!

22 02 2009

I have a new song up this week! I’m really like it, could use some improvements but I am thinking seriously about sharing it at church sometime before easter.

9 03 2009

I’ve been able to meet with a blog friend, which was great and should be a source of inspiration and accountablity for me to continue with my Intentional Titus 2 goal.

I also met up with two young girls who previously came to our small group and have now moved away. Part of being able to speak into one another’s lives is to make time for one another and this was an opportunity to reconnect – step 1.

I had dinner for a young friend and a mutual friend who is having some trouble. Just opened up a relaxed space for sharing. It never ceases to amaze me how God uses what He’s done in my life to speak to others.

Saturday I have planned a big bring and share afternoon tea-and-cake and invited lots of working ladies from our church. The church only caters for non-working ladies. Looking forward to seeing how God uses this for His glory.

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