Creativity Outside YOUR Area of Creativity

26 02 2009

So, I’m a musician. I’m a graphic designer. I make a living doing both of these things. It’s a very fun way to put food on the table, and I am so thankful that God has me where I am for this season in my life.

Technically, I guess you could call me an artist (both in music and graphic design). I draw fairly well, but have never pursued it.

Monday I found a whole new area of creativity that I’ve never scratched the surface of.


I know it’s pretty trendy and with the advent of cheaper more accesible digital equipment everyone and their brother thinks they are a photographer these days. First off, I don’t claim to be any good. Second, I’ve taken photos for one day. Third, I absolutely loved it!

Now, I’m not going to throw everything else I do to the side and pursue becoming the next big thing in photography, but let me tell you, looking through the lens gives you a whole new perspective on life. Capturing moments in time. Freezing landscapes and wildlife with the click of a button to share with the world. Pretty amazing when you think about it.

Here’s a blog post recapping my adventure in the swamp and my first real photography experience.

What are some areas that you LOVE to be creative in that are not your primary area of creativity?




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26 02 2009

I’m an amateur (very amateur) photog also. I have started getting into it a bit more over here…, so much to see and I try to capture it all.

26 02 2009

Very intriguing, that’s for sure.

27 02 2009

Yeah, I love photography too…though I rarely do it cos I want to enjoy the moment…now we have Adobe CS I can see it getting away on my if I let it.

I also enjoy landscape, but don’t really have a lot of opportunity to do it on our apartment balcony. I spent months doing it at my parents place years ago…and I def enjoy the the design aspects more than implementing them 🙂

27 02 2009
Cee Lew

You got me thinking here Russ as I feel that I am creative in so many areas!!! Being a mother certainly does that for you. I wear so many hats to inspire my children to lead a creative life.

At the moment I am writing healthy recipes for us all. In times past I have written songs for them. I am actually a musician and teach music to littlies and have led worship in the past.

At the moment I am enjoying a couple of journeys with my girls that I have not really been down before. One is drawing – I DO NOT consider myself an artist but we are really enjoying family drawing time together and I’m finding some amazingly hidden talent (perhaps!).

I’m also enjoying some creative expressive writing in the form of story-telling and a little poetry. I have always thought that story-telling was certainly not my forte.

It is amazing what a little inspiration can do isn’t it! Thanks for being part of that Russ and Our CC.

I have a couple of recipes to share:

Hope I’ll get the Sunday Sharing this week, I commented a little too early last week and wonder if I might be doing the same this week!! 🙂

27 02 2009

I love photography and wish I was better at it. All I’ve got is my wee digital camera too.

The other thing I’d love to be better at is songwriting and poetry. Ugh, I’ve tried, and the stuff I’ve written stinks!!

28 02 2009
Indian Lake Papa

I am not sure this is creative – but has become a passion since 1997 – family research or otherwise known as genealogy. I had no interest in it until my daughter asked too many questions I could not answer.

My monthly goal of writing my book is ahead of schedule as of 2/28/09. But it is going to get tougher! I need 366 daily devotionals – I have 335 done! Have ‘topics’ for about 15 more! AIIIIII ! 😯

2 03 2009
Dorothy (vicar of vibe)

styling the stage and experiential worship elements. A year ago I had no clue that I would be doing this, especially to this degree. love it!

2 03 2009

I have loved photography for several years. I always shot only landscapes and stayed away from people until my daughter was born last year…now I haven’t shot a good landscape in a long time and I mostly shoot my family. I love looking at other’s photog blogs as well.

Also love to dabble with graphic design…I’m good enough to get it done when needed, but not good enough to make those who are good stop and take notice…but, it’s fun. Again, love looking at other’s stuff.

9 03 2009

Hmmn. I’d have to have a good think about what my primary area of creativity is before I would have an answer for this one…

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