P90X is Creatively Kicking My Tail

6 03 2009

Almost through a full week of P90X. It is indeed extreme!

I’m inspired by the creativity in putting together this workout program. I’ve done a few 12 week programs before and never have I been as excited each day as workout time comes.

Now this won’t necessarily cause you to BE creative, but I just thought how creativity in creating a workout program has inspired me to pursue a fit body like never before. I sound like an infomercial.

What are some things that aren’t (on the surface) creative, but might inspire you to greatness because of the creative way in which they are put together?




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6 03 2009

when one of the first p90 workouts came out about, oh… 6 yrs ago, maybe, brent and i did it and each lost 20 pounds! i have kept it off.

its intense and fun!

loved it!!

have fun with it 😉

6 03 2009

See, I have either been on a diet or gaining weight I just lost on one all of my life. So, when I see P90, LA weightloss, slimfast, Atkins, etc…my mind immediately tunes it out. I’ve been on every diet there is and it’s only taken me 20 years to figure out that losing the weight is fairly simple. It’s the keeping it off that presents the challenge.
So, speaking of creativity, I am “creating” a lifestyle; not a new diet. I will consistently lose 1-3 pounds a week and at that rate, to reach my goal, I will have lost weight for about a year. I’m hoping after that year is up, I will have created new habits that allow me to sustain what I have worked for.

6 03 2009
Cee Lew

That is exactly what it is all about Toby. You are definitely on the right track.

Creating a lifestyle – I like the way you put that.

That is certainly what we have done with the way we eat. I cook what is in the frig and that’s what we consume. I only go out to buy food once per week. You’ll see a new recipe creation here. http://ceelew.blogspot.com/2009/03/pork-and-apple-bolognese.html

That’s it Russ – creation of a new lifestyle inspires creativity to maintain it.

6 03 2009
Mary @ Giving Up on Perfect

Way to go, Russ!! My husband has wanted to do P90X, but it’s like so many of our health/fitness plans…and it just never happened. However, we’re getting my brother-in-law’s weight machine this weekend, so having something in the house will – or should – make it much harder to AVOID working out! 🙂

7 03 2009
Russ Hutto

Great insights everyone!

I think, FOR ME, the difference in p90x is that it’s not a diet. IT IS a lifestyle change. It IS an intense exercise regimen for sure…but I guess what I’m trying to get at, is that it’s really creatively put together.

This week, I’ve done more “disciplines” than I’ve done my whole life. I love the way they incorporate plyometrics, pushups, pullups, stretches, yoga, martial arts, and more. All that WITHOUT lifting a single weight.

It kind of dispels the notion that you have to GO to the gym or have a weight bench to make it happen, technically, you can do this without any weights at all.

But I’ve never been as sore and “wasted” as I have after these workouts (in a good way).

7 03 2009

I know I wrote it over at my blog, Russ, but wanted to include it here also.
What it’s all about is what works for us individually.
I don’t mean to criticize any method, especially if it’s working! And it appears as if it is :-)!!

9 03 2009

What are some things that aren’t (on the surface) creative, but might inspire you to greatness because of the creative way in which they are put together?

I realise that the others here are talking about fitness and working out, but cooking – especially if you have to do it every day – isn’t creative on the surface, but hauling out a cookery book to try something fresh is inspiring. Sometimes it’s just one extra ingredient or the way that someone talks about food with passion – that inspires me.

Hope I haven’t gone out on a limb with or misunderstood this topic… ?

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