Sharing Sund…err…Monday! [3.09.09]

9 03 2009

How’s everyone doing?

Post links to your success stories.

Post links to your struggles.

I’ve hit the wall the last 2 weeks due to travel and work. I need to write 2 songs this week and next week to catch up! But I’ll just focus on one and we’ll see what happens!




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9 03 2009

I posted a new series of pics of my daughter on my photo blog:

I was playing around with using different angles with backlight indirect sunlight….pretty happy with the outcome.

9 03 2009
Cee Lew

I didn’t think I’d have any new recipes this week as we ended it with my little girl being unwell – not the best way to start a long weekend.

However I mistake in my food preparations led me to needing to create a new recipe on the spot as you’ll read about here.

Sometimes creativity comes from the need to do something quickly to fill a need. I find this so often in my simple life with my young children. I need to feed them so need to create something they’ll enjoy eating even if it doesn’t follow my recipe/cooking plans. We don’t eat packaged foods here so everything I prepare comes from some creative idea somewhere.

9 03 2009

This feels like a really long time ago now…but here’s the link to my last “song” …

The Matrix

Next up we have another challenge song (@jclayville likes to keep me busy)…but like the last comedic one, I’m not sure if I’ll count it towards this goal. We’ll see…

10 03 2009
10 03 2009

I’ve had a pretty emotionally trying week – job hours are being cut back which makes me worry, getting the flu, and some other family stuff has really hampered my songwriting this week. I have a few notes/ideas jotted down but I haven’t really *felt* it this past week.

I’m going to get one song up this week.

10 03 2009

Just posted another photo series of my daughter:

11 03 2009

I’m still writing my story:) I actually sorta concluded with ” Colorblind Faith” which perhaps someday will be a book…for now its just apart of my story:)

11 03 2009
Russ Hutto

Got a new electronic song up. Needed to “write” something just to get my wheels turning after 2 weeks of no songs.

Well, technically, I wrote something last weekend, I just didn’t get it recorded…but I didn’t report that I wrote something.

Anyways. take a listen: In The Garage.

11 03 2009

I just finished writing out worship choir parts for three new songs…can’t really post them on my blog or anything, so you’ll just have to take my word for it. The songs are:

“Praise The King” by Cindy Morgan (oldie but a goodie)

“Exalted (Yahweh)” by Chris Tomlin

“Overcome” by New Life

12 03 2009

Things are going really well with The Art of Joy.

Writing did not happen this week at all, as been really busy with work and tomorrow I have a long drive to Watford, England for training and orientation for my trip to South Africa in July.


12 03 2009

@brunettekoala…you’ll love SA if you’ve never been! Capetown is the most beautiful place on earth.

15 03 2009

@milepost13 – nope, never been. I’m going to be in Durban for most part working with some churches and community projects, but hoping I’ll get to spend a few days in Cape Town on my way home…!

Very scared about going on a plane again though.

15 03 2009

There will be a little delay in my greeting card creations, since I am still in the process of painting and decorating and moving furniture into the ” new” craftroom. But in the meantime I am buying lots of new supplies, so I will be all set soon I hope. I am having a hard time picking out the color to paint the walls. I want a serene atmosphere. I will have pictures of angels, Bible scripture, Quotes. So I am excited to get it done.

16 03 2009

@brunettekoala At the time I flew from Miami to Capetown, it was the longest flight in the world…add the hour layover in the plane and the immediate 2+ hour flight to Johannesburg, and it was quite possibly the longest day of my life.

The people of SA are awesome…I hope you enjoy your trip!

16 03 2009

@milepost13 I flew from Edinburgh to Sydney 2 years ago – the journey (include change over in London and a 1/2 hr stop in Singapore to refuel plane) took 38 hours. Literally going from one side of the world to the other!!! On the way back a little girl sitting next to me got travelsick and I totally freaked as I’m TERRIFIED of vomit. I’m really scared of something similar happening again.

17 03 2009

haha…I hope not!

30 03 2009

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