Links to Look At!

16 03 2009

Here’s some links that were shared last week.

How did THIS week go for you all?




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16 03 2009

woohoo! I made the list…and in good company! Russ…love your song…I would have idea where to start on GB to do that…I just use it for podcasting and a few simple recordings every now and then.

16 03 2009

I had a great week. Several surprises today! I got invited to critique a new book coming out in a couple of months for a pastor in California! I am very excited and honored!

I haven’t visited this site for a while – I’ve got to move it to the top of my list – you guys are all so creative!

God Bless! Lori

18 03 2009

I have LOVED memorizing verses so far, and they have been so timely when I need to remember them…they are captured in my memory forever:)

19 03 2009


that list = SUCCESS!!!

so awesome to see everyone active in their goals…

and its very inspiring to me at the moment!

25 03 2009

My friend Jo created the whole of his album through GarageBand – it’s available on UK iTunes. I think people in US/Canada have to access through a different medium.

I’m TOTALLY excited as tonight is the opening night of The Art of Joy. All the artists who have provided work for the exhibition hung their work last week, and it looks fantastic. Part of my job has been doing all the web stuff, and one of the things I started was our twitter feed to prompt people to do a ‘random act of kindness’ each day. Gone really well so far.

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