This is OUR Creative Process

31 03 2009

So, I laid down the gauntlet and YOU came through. What an amazing response. We’ve had such a diverse response to the creative process.

So, although, we’ve already posted our links to our blogs in the comments section, I’d like to go ahead and create THIS post to link back as well.

Here’s what you had to say about YOUR creative process:

“I get it at the weirdest times. I’ve actually found I have some of my wildest ideas in that stage right before I fall asleep. With some of the craziest stuff I’ve gotten up and wrote down my ideas. Sometimes they’re so strong I remember them when I wake up the next day.” —Shawn

“…the thought that something I help to create might be the element that finally makes it click for a non-believer is all the spark I need to get me all fired up! I say almost weekly to someone nearby – I still can’t believe I get to do this every week!” —Lori

I struggle to create when the everyday tasks I need to complete seem insurmountable and tiresome.  Yet when I turn my thoughts to see those same tasks differently my creativity resurfaces and a spark returns.  I find new inspiration from chatting with friends, communing with God, particular inspirational blogs and simple everyday life.” —Cee

Quite apart from the fact I feel like being creative nearly all the time, I get inspired by others’ creativity.  A play, a song, a sculpture, a book, a solution…a tweet, a blog post.  Etc. I think it’s at the root of my being, which makes sense since God is there, and He’s the Master Creator.” —David

“Usually things come in a rush. So I’ve learned one thing. Let it come. Wherever I am, I need to be ready to be in for the long haul. There are times when I’ve been up to three in the morning writing a sermon, because the inpiration came at midnight. Once I wrote almost an entire Christmas cantata script in the middle of the night. I wrote a song once during a lunch break at a weekend encounter. It just happens.” —Mike

“This is creativity — using known ingredients in a new and different way. I think this is true with all artists. There is no new chord on a guitar that hasn’t been played or no new color painted on a canvas. All the ingredients are there; we just have to use our energy and ourselves to create something new and flavorful.”—Sarah

When I feel uncreative, I just don’t even try…I’d rather focus on something else that I need to do or enjoy doing instead of getting frustrated trying to shoot when I really don’t feel like it. There are few things less enjoyable than carrying a camera around everywhere when you really don’t feel like shooting anything.” —Nate

“When I get an idea, I get this huge burst of energy, and it’s when I share it and talk about it with other people that I’ll get even more excited. I literally bounce. No seriously. I really do!” —Sophie

“There’s always been something in me that drives me to be creative. As a kid I was always in the art classes, and bands. I honestly think it’s something that God has put in me.” —Janki

Mandy has a video explaining her process and Love has a photography page to share! Here’s my (Russ) post.




3 responses

1 04 2009

sorry. i missed all of this over spring break and taking care of my sick fam.

i dont know that i have a creative process necessarily. its either there, or its not. my environment has a big impact on creativity. i thought going to coffee shops would be helpful – but it really wasnt. it was too distracting for me. and now that ive cut out coffee, thanks mandy, its REALLY distracting 😉

so today…wednesday writing day for me, i stayed home. i slammed thru my chores then sat down at the computer and just…started writing. i finally completed a small task that i had been avoiding for awhile. it felt good.

so…i think there were 2 influential elements to this today. my environment – organized and familiar…and determination. and its likely that tomorrow…those elements will change 🙄

3 04 2009

I do my best Art work when I am Hypo Manic or half out of my mind. 🙂

4 08 2011
Angela Kenny

wow this is the best i’ve read in a long time.

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