Don’t Lose Focus

6 05 2009

Hey y’all! It’s Mandy here. I just read a fantastic article called “How to Concentrate on Writing.”

Great title, eh? 🙂 Seriously… This article has some great tips on how to focus when we need to. One thing I’ve fought is the discipline of focus. Especially when I use my computer to facilitate my creative process. My computer is also my #1 source of distraction (can I get an amen?!)…

When I’m “in the zone” and the creative sparks are flying, I don’t need this type of discipline. But, let’s face it, how often am I “in the zone?” Not enough. Most of my creativity is expressed through blood, sweat, and tears, which is exactly why I found this article to be helpful.

So, without further ado:

How to Concentrate on Writing




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6 05 2009

Amen ad infinitum!

Great article Mandy – and timely, as we are now a third of the way through the year (AAGGHHH) and the discipline has wandered a bit, for some…for me… :/

7 05 2009

man, this place has been dead recently…what happened to the weekly check-in/report? I’ve posted several photo series on my blog AND, I wrote out music for one new worship choir song in the month of April!

Plus, I’m doing a weekly photo challenge that anyone is welcome to join…check out this week’s challenge (!

7 05 2009
Trent Langrehr

Excellent article. Thanks for the input. I am a worship leader at one of my church’s two campuses, and I get caught not writing enough–mostly because of my taskload and computer, ha ha. Thanks for the resource Mandy!

7 05 2009

Thanks so much! I need to write, I need to write! I just have to get started – my boss, my pastor, everyone is asking me too! It’s hard to leave the everyday and push into a new area…Thanks!

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