It’s Worth It When You Finish

21 05 2009

finish_lineHey Everyone!

This is my first “post” here at OurCreativeCommunity.Com.  You’ll find my name over in the sidebar under a few different categories:  Fitness, Songwriting, and Reading Books.

I’m kicking it pretty good in Fitness and Reading Books right now.  I’ve yet to write a new song.

Speaking of Fitness, those of you who follow me on Twitter have heard that I’m committed to a tough, 2x/week outdoor physical regimen training at 6:00 AM.  This morning’s regimen was unique because it was raining on us as we pressed through the pain, fatigue, and the physical, mental, and emotional stress of the routine.

Though we all push and encourage one another, it’s still a “do the best you can at your own pace” environment.  That being said, our trainer said something today that was really inspirational and applies perfectly to our “creative community” goals.  As we were running, pushing, jumping, and whatever-the-heck-else he told us to do, he proclaims to the group “hey, you can quit if you have to …  but finishing is fun“.

I have to tell you, by the 3rd of 4th sets in our exercises, my mind was telling me that I would have to back off and skip the final set.  But I knew that the feeling of victory was way too sweet.  In our case, “victory” doesn’t mean you finished first.  It simply means …


So we are almost five complete months in our journey of goals for 2009.  Many of you are beginning to say “I think I’ll just slack off and quit on these last reps”.  And you can if you want to.

But it’s WORTH IT when you FINISH.

Keep Pressin’ On,
Fred McKinnon




4 responses

21 05 2009
Russ Hutto

Hey Fred,

Thanks for posting! Great encouragement!

21 05 2009

maybe we should add motivational speaker to our side bar and put freds name under it.

fred – SO much needed right now. its not that i dont wanna finish, i just so easily lose steam. and for thousands of reason (that i disguise as excuses)

thank you for busting your butt (possibly literally) this morning to bring us this great post!!

21 05 2009

Tam, thanks … yeah, it was busted pretty good this AM. It’s worth it, there’s no better, more satisfying feeling than to be able to celebrate finishing and achieving that goal!

30 05 2009


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