This is a blog dedicated solely to the sharing of creativity in various forms, shapes, and fashions.

On the right hand side of the blog (Links) you can see the bloggers who have made specific commitments to increase the frequency of their creative output. Some have chose to write a book, others to write songs, still others to memorize Scripture.

Each week/month Our Creative Community members are encouraged to check-in and share their progress. Linking back to their individual blog post (on their own blogs) about their journey.

In essence, it’s a community of bloggers committed to sharing creativity and encouraging one another to pursue a higher degree of creative output.

We welcome new members! The only requirement is that you commit to being committed, accountable, and encouraging to others in the community!

Some other “categories” of creative output:

  • Photography
  • Reading Books
  • Mission Projects
  • Songwriting
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Graphic Design
  • Health/Fitness

3 responses

11 02 2009
I’m Sorry « JustLori

[…] I agreed to join a group of bloggers in being accountable for setting and reaching creative goals for 2009.  I was very excited about […]

23 02 2009

This is cool. I just discovered on Papa’s blog. I will have to ask him to give me he scoop. I’ve been out of the loop.

Keep up the good work, everybody!

22 04 2009

now that we’re doing power90 again…i think i should add this to my goal.

so…i commit to the full 90 days and will try to remember to report in here with updates as i go along.

i didnt take a before photo but we did take measurements – so i will definitely see if there is progress.

honestly…im looking more forward to just feeling better and healthier!

90 days started on 4/20/09

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