Join OurCC

Thanks for partnering with the great group of creative bloggers here at OurCC!

1st) Narrow down your area of commitment.

2) Just add a comment to the “Welcome to Our Creative Community Post” and we’ll add your blog link in the blogroll!

3) If you don’t mind please place the 125 x 125 banner on your website if you’ve committed to joining this great Creative Community!

Add this code to your side bar (add it in a text widget):

<a href=>
<img src=>

4) Keep in touch during the week on your progress (or lack of) and include those links back to your blog posts about it. Support others in the community by swapping links and commenting on their blogs.

5) Have fun! Don’t get too discouraged when you don’t follow through on a commitment. Start fresh the next day!


6 responses

2 03 2009

to add the banner to my blogs, do I just copy and paste the banner or is there a code that will link it back to this site?

25 03 2009

Nate, updated post with sidebar instructions for 125×125 banner.

27 05 2009

I tried to comment on the post you note, but it keeps taking me a screen that simply says ‘discarded’.

Am I really so scary?

17 06 2009
Chai Tea

Glad to be a part of this community!

Committing to… 1 healthy vegetarian recipe created and posted a week!

1 08 2009
Paul Sims

Hey folks! Sorry I’m late to the party. I followed the link from the blog of one inprogress. Have y’all heard of her? :P)
My primary thing is writing.
I commit to write and post one blog entry a week.
I so look forward to interacting with this community!


14 04 2011
Melissa Mason

I would love to get back into writing more often! Looking forward to going through the community.

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